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Aneides aeneus
Green Salamander

Powell Co., Kentucky
May 8, 2006

"...We passed some large blocks of sandstone that had broken loose and tumbled down the slope, so long ago that mosses, ferns and other plants had taken hold in any available niche within the stone. I got to thinking about these stone blocks; they anchored a moist, but not overly wet, environment, and the layered sandstone provided many long and narrow cracks and crevices. I hiked up to one to get a closer look. "Hey, this looks like a good spot for Green Salamanders," I said as I scanned one of the mossy sides. About ten seconds after my declaration, my eyes settled on an adult Green Salamander, wedged into a narrow crack. "Got one!" I crowed.

I am far from being an expert where salamanders are concerned, but every once in a while it's nice to make the right call. I had done some homework on the habitat requirements for Aneides aeneus, and fortunately for us we were at the right place at the right time!  I allowed myself a moment of smug satisfaction - here was a species I had long coveted, since receiving my first Conant's field guide thirty five years ago..."

from Kentucky Herping







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