Herpetofauna: One Life's List

Bufo americanus americanus
American Toad

Champaign Co., Illinois
April 8, 1991

On any given rainy night in spring and early summer, the blacktop surfaces of county roads around Champaign are good places to see hundreds of American Toads, as they hop around tending to the business of procreation.  Despite intensive agricultural practices that have eliminated many species of amphibians and reptiles, the toad remains, breeding in roadside ditches and surviving around the margins of fields.   Even if you don't see one on the road, their musical trill from nearby water is pleasant to hear.

 On the edges of town, they can sometimes be found at night under the light of a street lamp, patiently waiting for insects to stray too close.  They can also be found in town, although in smaller numbers; I was happy to find one in my yard one rainy August night.







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