Herpetofauna: One Life's List

Rana berlandieri
Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Cameron Co., Texas
February 19, 1999

Tough to spot and even tougher to photograph, these frogs were very common around the freshwater 'Alligator Pond' out near Laguna Atascosa along the south Texas coast.  The Alligator Pond has been dried up for the past couple of years; I wonder if any of the frogs have managed to move to other water sources.  They are found thru much of Texas and have adapted to life in arid lands.

The berlandieri pictured was found hopping across the road near the Devil's River in Val Verde County, Texas.  Much like the Plains Leopard Frog, the dorsolateral fold is broken and inset medially near the back legs.






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