Herpetofauna: One Life's List

Bufo americanus charlesmithi
Dwarf American Toad

Union Co., Illinois
October 1994

There are many toads on the Snake Road.  There are times when you can't walk ten steps without seeing a toad, and unless you've time to marvel over each and every one, it's best to just watch where you step and continue on.  For the most part they are Fowler's Toads, one of the most common toads of the eastern U.S.

The little rusty red toads caught my eye and interest.  Upon examination, they proved to have relatively few spots, with one wart in a spot for the most part (one of the handy toad identifiers) as opposed to 2-3 warts for Fowler's Toad.  The paratoid glands were separate from the postorbital ridge behind the eye, also different from Fowler's...the field guide points to American Toad, and the geographic location and rusty-red color narrowed it down to charlesmithi.

Where I found the little toadie is relatively high ground, and many times when I pass through the area I'll spot at least one of these gorgeous little non-Fowlers.









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