Herpetofauna: One Life's List

Hyla cinerea
Green Treefrog

Union Co., Illinois
October 1977

A little careful searching in the willows or amongst the plants alongside wet places will usually reward you with a Green Treefrog or two. Sometimes I find them far from the wet; once on a rocky, open  hillside a half mile or more from water.

The nocturnal chorus of cinerea is something to behold, especially if they are present in numbers.  Their is a loud, nasal queenk-queenk-queenk...and they call alternately, filling in the spaces in-between another Green Treefrog's queenk.

Beautiful creatures.  If they only lived in a few hectares of remote Central American rain forest, they would be a great prize. Sometimes we fail to appreciate that which is under our very noses.







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