Herpetofauna: One Life's List

Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis
Illinois Chorus Frog

Alexander Co., Illinois
March 2, 2008

We waded out into more of a small pool than a pond, with tall grasses scattered throughout. The peepers continued their chorus, but there was still enough light for them to hush at our approach. It was tough to spot the little frogs in all the clumps of vegetation. Off in the distance we could hear the squawky chuckle of leopard frogs at another pond...  The light continued to fade, and finally it was dark enough for the frogs to stop noticing us. The peepers were deafening, and underneath them another frog was sounding off with increasing frequency.

This was the frog we had come to see. Now all we needed to do was see one.  We moved slowly, shining our lights at the clumps of vegetation.

Then I spotted a chubby little frog, standing almost upright in the middle of a grass clump. "I've got one here!' I said.  "Congratulations, Mike," said Scott.  "There's your first Illinois Chorus Frog."






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