Herpetofauna - One Life's List

Redeared Slider
Trachemys scripta elegans

Current River near Eminence, Missouri.  June 1972

Behold the mighty Red-Ear!  Dime-store turtle and colonizer of foreign waters.  Tough and adaptable, cute as a button just hatched.  I've seen them everywhere; the clean, cold waters of the Current River, the muddy, sludgy lower Meramec, storm sewers, roadside ditches, roads far from water.  In my youth I kept them in plastic 'kiddie pools' for a number of years.

Far too numerous in captivity and other places they shouldn't be, I prefer to see them on a log somewhere, basking in the sun over some river.  I've seen them along the Rio Grande in south Texas, and their shells are very beautiful there.

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