Sand Bullies and Prairie Mambas (cont.)

Fields of tin

Bullie number two

Bullsnake home

Last Bullsnake

Last photo session

We finished up the east side without further discovery and headed across the road.  I scored early here, finding another Bullsnake in a shallow depression under corrugated roofing.  This one was about the same dimensions as the first, and was also opaque, and also a female.  In the course of wrangling it gave up on hissing and munched on Jim for a little bit.  I checked the ground temperature under the tin with my handy little infrared thermometer - 76F.  A foot away in the partial sun, the ground temp measured 93F.  We let her go back into her hideaway.  Matt and I conjectured on further herp journals featuring Pituophis - Bullsnake in a Barn, Bullsnake in a Boat, etc.  The boat angle was not impossible - there were a lot of old abandoned boats lying around, for some reason.

The afternoon was getting on and we found our last spot of the day, yet another stretch of land covered with the castoff detritus of humanity.  I managed to find another Bullsnake under a piece of canvas, of all things.  This one was freshly shed, and looked great!  Another female, with a few healed scars and good body weight.  I was anxious to get pictures of this beauty.

I was out of time and had to head for home.  It's always great to herp with Jim and Matt (and Austin, who is turning into a solid field herper) and these trips end all too soon.  Marty was also a happy guy with three new lifers this day.

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