A Day at the Races


The frogs have had their moment; the rainy night has passed, and morning comes with a bright sun. Across the damp landscape, box turtles are on the move.

Many are males, perhaps in search of females, and often they find themselves facing a dangerous crossing. This is where the race begins, the running of the gauntlet across a wide expanse of asphalt.

For box turtles, speed is not a saving grace; they must rely on luck, and timing. When luck and timing may not be enough, a helping hand may make a difference. Sometimes it's not enough.

A lucky straddle, alert drivers, a wide expanse without traffic - all may be needed to see another day. It doesn't help that boxies often stop in mid-transit to enjoy the sun, unaware of any race at all.

A lifetime of long years in the fields and forests, only to lose it all on a short race across an open road. Small wonder it gives us great pleasure any time we can stop and help them along.


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